Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Clacton Pier

Clacton Pier Essex, Oil on board. By Tim Irving
Helter Skelter, Clacton Pier, Essex - Oil on Board
After working on Parisian street scenes for the past few weeks I can see the attraction of coastal locations. In fact anything with a bit of colour is very welcome at the moment. I painted this small study to give myself a holiday from French limestone.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cambridge Corner Oil Painting

G Peck, Chemist - Painting by Tim Irving
G Peck and Son - 9" x 7" Oil on Board
Weather! We've had weeks of cold grey days, then yesterday the sun came out. The transformation was dramatic, I noticed the shoots of snowdrops poking up out of the soil and bizarrely the postman was wearing shorts. Warm sunny days are such a rarity in February I was completely unprepared, I had to get out and capture an image, but what? The trouble is you can't rely on the sun, I didn't want to spend too long travelling on this beautiful day, I wanted to be out in the air, but where?

After breakfast and a walk with the dog, I was still at a loss. The day was just too perfect and it threw me. It was then that I decided to visit my local art gallery, for gallery time is never wasted. I had the idea that I might find something to paint around Cambridge market on my way to the gallery, this proved false as it was too busy with everyone enjoying the sun.

But I found my painting directly opposite the Fitzwilliam Gallery in Cambridge. It's the little chemist (pharmacy), I pass two or three times a week. The copper shield above the door reads "G Peck and Son, Dispensing Chemist, Est 1851".

Friday, February 15, 2013

Six Corners of Paris Oil Painting

Paris, Six Corners - Oil on board, by Tim Irving

I painted these small, 5"x5" views of Paris over the past week as studies for a larger painting I'm about to start. These paintings will be sold individually but I couldn't resist mounting the paintings in this beautiful frame. I picked up the frame together with its original painting, an amateur life study which is signed and dated 1929, from a charity shop.

I'm enjoying architectural painting and these miniature Flatiron buildings are my current obsession. Paris has dozens of narrow corner buildings. Most going back to the original Haussmann plan of 1853, but new narrow corner buildings continue to be built to replace old ones as they become derelict.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Custom Strap for Leica Monochrom

Leica Monochrom with custom cord strap

I'm grateful to Marc Mennigmann for sending me this photograph of his Leica M-Monochrom with a custom strap from your truly. This is the first time I've seen a Monochrom, a niche camera from a niche manufacturer. Marc is a very capable photographer specializing in low light, black and white, you can see his work at his web site. You can purchase the strap at my Etsy shop.


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