Friday, March 1, 2013

Aldburgh, Suffolk - Oil Painting - Paint Mediums

Aldburgh, Suffolk - Oil Painting by Tim Irving
I'm staying with coastal themes for this week. With the weather as dull as it is I need to work with a bit of colour. Of course it's always nice to visit Aldeburgh, famous for it fish and chips, welsh rarebit, pork pies and Adnams fine ales. Not to mention four art galleries.

A day in Aldeburgh is always a treat but the painting didn't go smoothly. I'm having a few problems with my paint handling at the moment which made the painting session a struggle. There's been a subtle change in the transparency/opacity and the viscosity of the paint. Thinking about it now it's so obvious, I feel foolish. After fighting with two other paintings, I realise the issue is my paint medium. When I paint outdoors I usually add a small amount of Liquin to the paint for the under-painting, Liquin speeds up drying and I can finish the painting in one session. But a couple of weeks ago I ran out of Liquin and started using turpentine, I've been using it since. I know now that the change of mediums has tripped me up.


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