Thursday, March 3, 2011

Using Out-Dated Film

Untitled -Tim Irving
Last summer I bought a big bag of mixed 35mm colour print film (40 rolls), from a car boot sale. There are no famous names here, it's all re-branded with names like Prinzcolour which I'm familiar with and Kirkland Colour, which I'm not. Most of the film was meant to be used by 2001 but some expired as long ago as 1997.

I originally bought the film with the intention of keeping a few rolls for myself and selling the rest, but no one wanted it. Last week my 40 rolls were still in tact. They were sitting in their bag, in the corner of my office laughing at me for wasting my £2.

I've taken up the challenge to use the film and over the last few days I've exposed the first roll of "Kirkland Colour Print Film". I cross processed the film using E6 chemistry and the results (gold fish above), are to my liking. The second roll is now in my Nikon waiting for my next outing, tomorrow. I can't wait!


  1. I love the look of that photograph. A very dream like quality.

    Funny you should post about outdated film just as I'm in search of some 110. My husband recently bought an outdoor mini cam that takes 110. The camera is a toy, it was mere cents, but he thought it would be fun to play with (if we could find at least one roll of film out there somewhere).

    I love a challenge, and finding film has certainly turned into one. ;-)

    35mm presents its own problems. When we do actually find it choice is limited to one company (a film we don't particularly care for).

    I do take a lot of digital photographs these days, but I've hung on to my film cameras. They sit idly by in a drawer. I'm hopeful that as lomography and other film cameras gain popularity among the younger generations (it's starting to happen here), that there will be a 'need' for film production/developing again.

    I don't want to turn back the hands of time on camera technology, but would like to have choices/options.

  2. A beautiful result, those goldfish. I would never have thought of using outdated film had it not been for your reference to it in an earlier post. I had some lying around at that time, and decided to keep it (and even let it become more outdated) because of your post. For photos that have to be a particular way, there's no beating a digital. But I really like your idea of using expired film for the chance of getting something artistic or unpredictable.



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