Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Posing Portraits

Group portrait - Photograh by Tim Irving
Mono Portrait - Tim Irving
Portrait bookings are like London buses, you can wait for ages, then three will turn up at once! And so it seems the portrait season is here and I'm bashing out portraits this week. I've learned to be selective when it comes to portraits, I have to feel that I can direct the session. Also, and this is very un-professional and a little snobbish, I have to like the sitters. If I like the people I'm photographing, and they like me, we can approach the job as a team and the end result will be joyful. 


  1. Man you're good.

    The portrait vibrates with spirit and life, each unique and all together. They must be deeply satisfied with how it turned out.

    It's very engaging, a work of art for a viewer like me who isn't acquainted with the subjects. I love it.

  2. Stunning.
    I see something different in the photograph each time I come back to look at it.
    If you are ever in the US, let me know. :)



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