Monday, September 12, 2011

Wedding Photography

wedding photography by Tim Irving
Waiting for the bride - Tim Irving
I have to admit I enjoyed the my stint as a wedding photographer recently. It was a great day and everyone had a good time in a beautiful location. I've mentioned before about the days of shooting a wedding, solely with film. Looking back it was difficult with very little room for errors. With the recent wedding I still used a very quiet film camera for some reportage photographs, like the one above. But for the majority of the wedding I used a professional digital camera that gave me the freedom to be creative with the compositions. It was great, I want more.

This leads me to announce that as from today, I'm open for business as a wedding photographer, again. Just dipping my toe in the water for now. I'd like to photograph a dozen or so wedding this year, with the intention of building a good wedding portfolio. I'm going to offer the service around Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Essex. For the first dozen weddings there's a special price of £350 for four hours coverage. There are more details on my web site.


  1. Great news Tim, glad to see you back at it, best of luck in your new (old) venture.

  2. All the very best as you step out again. I look forward to seeing more excellent portraits like the one above. This one makes me smile because the young man looks as if he's the one getting married.



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