Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Fuji X10

The Strand - Tim Irving
Walking around the shops yesterday, I was gob smacked to see the new Fuji X10 camera with a price of £499. I know it's nearly Christmas and the camera has just been launched, but £500 for a pocket digital camera with a sensor the size of a postage stamp! I must be losing touch with reality. If you already have one of these cameras, well good luck to you. It will be junk in a couple of years or sooner, because digital cameras nose dive in value after they are launched. I just looked up the Nikon V1, launched in October. This camera has fallen from £879 to £684 in four weeks.

I considered why anyone would buy this camera at this price and failed to come up with a good reason. The Fuji X10 wont improve anyone's photography. How can it, it's just a camera. This camera wont make the owner see more creatively. It wont help anyone to win more competitions. No, this camera (and a lot of others), at this price, doesn't make sense to me.


  1. I completely agree! I think people want them because they believe it can do those things, and also because it, like others that are similar, are made to look attractive, or vintage. I actually have an amazing Nikon point and shoot 35 mm from 1980 that looks almost exactly like the Fuji X10.

  2. Good comment Tim,nice photo too. stay well.

  3. Love the stylish and edgy photograph.



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