Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Trumpton, before and after its restoration - video


See the effect of digital re-mastering the classic Gordon Murray children's animation's. The BBC was able to enhance the picture after reels of 50-year-old footage were found in its creator's attic. Warning: It's very easy to become engrossed in the story.


  1. Classic, and the recession obviously hasn't hit trumpton yet.

  2. Very charming, reminds me of the Gumby programs I watched in the early 60's. Love how all the firemen pile into their clean machine and drive down to pick up the posters. And I'm very glad I hung in there so as not to miss the scandalous ending where it's revealed the firemen will hang their own posters rather than employ the professional bill sticking services of Nick Fisher.

  3. I was hoping you would post something today, March 5th, since it's your birthday and all (that's what the profile says anyway: Male, born March 5). But you didn't post today, too humble I guess, so I'll have to use this old one from last month to wish you well. Happy Birthday!



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