Saturday, April 28, 2012

Parisian Photos

Paris apartments. Photograph by Tim Irving
Paris #1 - Tim Irving
Paris corner. Photograph by Tim Irving
Paris #2 - Tim Irving

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  1. These two photographs, of such very Parisian architecture, feel especially close to my heart right now. Just yesterday I sat down to write out a verbal mapping of a life changing event in preparation for an art class assignment. I chose my 1982 journey through Western Europe, my first time there. So only hours ago I was reliving poignent moments from that trip, and with moments of course come images. These two photos, as is often the case for me when looking at your work, match the snapshots of my own mind's cache. They're beautiful, the look of a memory, and a delight for me to see on a day like today when I'm so close to my own private Paris.



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