Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cambridge Corner Oil Painting

G Peck, Chemist - Painting by Tim Irving
G Peck and Son - 9" x 7" Oil on Board
Weather! We've had weeks of cold grey days, then yesterday the sun came out. The transformation was dramatic, I noticed the shoots of snowdrops poking up out of the soil and bizarrely the postman was wearing shorts. Warm sunny days are such a rarity in February I was completely unprepared, I had to get out and capture an image, but what? The trouble is you can't rely on the sun, I didn't want to spend too long travelling on this beautiful day, I wanted to be out in the air, but where?

After breakfast and a walk with the dog, I was still at a loss. The day was just too perfect and it threw me. It was then that I decided to visit my local art gallery, for gallery time is never wasted. I had the idea that I might find something to paint around Cambridge market on my way to the gallery, this proved false as it was too busy with everyone enjoying the sun.

But I found my painting directly opposite the Fitzwilliam Gallery in Cambridge. It's the little chemist (pharmacy), I pass two or three times a week. The copper shield above the door reads "G Peck and Son, Dispensing Chemist, Est 1851".


  1. You nailed it, the crispness, the way clean sunlight looks early in a year before summer dust and post harvest winds soften its edges. There is hope in winter sunshine, but a touch of wistfulness too because of its brevity. I see a poignent solitude in this painting that reminds me very much of Edward Hopper. I love everything about it.

  2. Hello again! Am obsessing on this painting and would like first dibs on purchase if you decide to let go of it. An offer has been dispatched via USPS!

  3. I'm wondering if you could help me. I will be in Cambridge all day tomorrow and would like to get recommendations from you as to where I can go in the area to do natural landscape plein air painting.

    Much appreciated.

    Leo B



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