Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Celia Paul Watercolours at Marlborough Fine Art

I've probably mentioned it before, but for me, watercolour painting is difficult. As someone who's wasted more expensive paper than is decent, I feel qualified to have an opinion on the techniqes of the medium.

Today I spent a good 2 hours at an exhibition of watercolours by Celia Paul. I love her technique and her subject matter. The exhibition was interesting in that I don't think I've seen another artist who has focused to such an extent on close family, this artist has spent 35 years painting her mother.

This show focuses on her 5 sisters and mother, however, dotted around the gallery are a few self portraits. Because of the family likeness runnung through the portraits, I get the feeling that this sequence of paintings is about the artists identity within the family. The paintings are wonderful and serious, the technique is vibrant and precise. A good show, highly remommended.
Five Sisters by Celia Paul
Copyright - the Artist/ Photo courtesy Marlborough Fine Art (London) Ltd

1 comment:

  1. I dearly wish I could attend that show.

    Tomorrow at a workshop I'll be trying watercolors for the first time ever. It's a medium I've been wary of and avoided, but have grown more interested lately. Seeing "Five Sisters" makes me determined to put serious effort into tomorrow's lesson. I can't take my eyes off it.



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