Sunday, January 2, 2011

The view from here

A Bench with a View Photograph by  Tim Irving
A Bench with a View - Tim Irving
In the south east of England, all the snow has melted and the sun has shown his face. The mere hint of the sun got me out of the house and I took the photograph of the bench, one hour after lunch today. You'll never know what the view is like from the bench, I'll leave that to your fertile imagination. It's a very quiet spot.


  1. I like that you've taken the photo from behind, it conveys a positive vibe. An empty bench seen from the front looks like the end of a story. But your approach is full of possibility, even with its silence.

    Very beautiful to feel the viewing from the shadow into the light. Looks like one is about to leave the rabbit hole.

    Thanks for the license to daydream.

  2. I want so desperately to wander through and sit.



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