Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Negative Photographic Product Award

The GUGO Camera
We live in an age of mutual back slapping where awards are given, and people are honoured for the most basic abilities. Do a Google search for design awards and you'll be overwhelmed by the sheer number of gongs given out each year. Photographic and electronic products manufacturers, are amongst the biggest culprits for slapping themselves on the back. Most new cameras and electronic gadget seem to have some obscure award thrust on them automatically on conception.

As far as industrial design goes, most new cameras are uninspiring, the majority dull, and a few down right ugly. So for this reason I've decided to create an award for products that I believe are outstanding and  that in my opinion deserve a mention.

The idea for the award came about because of the handsome camera above, the GUGO. And it's the GUGO camera that received the first Negative Photographic Product Award, ever. It wins the category of "Best looking, unknown camera".

Feel free to submit your favourite cameras for next years awards.

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  1. That's a considerable award coming from someone like you who's owned, loved, and used so many vintage cameras. I took a closer look at it in your etsy archives (as it's been sold). Very attractive.



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