Sunday, February 13, 2011

Old Carpet Face

Carpet on Slate photograph by Tim Irving
Old Carpet - Tim Irving
I'm feeling much better! Thank you, to the frends who wished me well, I really appreciated your thoughts. The flu, or was it a bad cold, was a miserable experience.  Feeling physically weak and very uncomfortable is bad enough, but on top the discomfort, I felt hopeless. I couldn't muster up the enthusiasm to consider making a picture and I did wonder if I would ever take a photograph again. I tried to re-assure myself saying "It's what you do", but no pictures or inspiration came to mind. Happily, I thinking much clearer now, I'm almost positive.

I've started work again, but I've noticed I'm looking for subdued colours to make the most of the soft northern European light. There will be no sun or sky in my photographs for the time being.


  1. The sad mouth on the end of the carpet says it all mate, i'm sure you will be back on form soon, love those muted colours.

  2. Love the colors on that carpet - worn, but warm looking all the same.

    Hope you're back to your old self soon. It does take a while.

  3. I'm deeply sorry you were in such bad shape. I'm reading of it seven weeks later, and so by now you've more than recovered. All that's left for me to say is that the Old Carpet photograph is extremely beautiful. Whatever strength you poured into it has paid off.



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