Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Barker English Brogues - My New Shoes

Barker Brogue Shoes - Photgraph by Tim Irving

Barker Brogue Shoes - Photgraph by Tim Irving

I've just bought new shoes, seduced by the sight of the purple leather linings. They really are the apples of my eye at this moment and I confess that I can't stop myself from picking them up, sniffing the leather and admiring the details. They're made by Barkers of Northamptonshire, England, boot makers since 1880.

Always self conscious in new shoes (Am I walking funny?), to get used to these I'm wearing them around the house for a couple of hours a day just to loosen them up, but already they feel comfortable. From previous experience of leather shoes I initially avoid long walks. In a couple of days I'll venture outside in them for a short walk with the dog, and if there are no problems I'll be skipping the streets of London next week.


  1. (Yes, you're walking funny)

    Cool classics. Love that tawny colored leather. I looked at the website and noticed their shoes have names like "Clive" and "Arnold" so am wondering what yours are named.

  2. Walk tall (or skip)! They are gorgeous. Probably will age well and last a lifetime too. Sniff away, whilst they're new!

  3. I can smell them from here Tim, and the look, aww, I was trying to break my fetish for shoes and almost had it beat but look what you have gone and done ! tan brogues and solid leather with that beautiful purple lining, a must have. I now need an excuse to go shopping.



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