Thursday, January 3, 2013

5th Dimension - Paper Cup

Like Amazon reviews, sometimes the user comments on Youtube are more entertaining than the actual video. I'm a big fan of The 5th Dimension and Jimmy Webb whose videos attract some creative comments on Youtube:

"This is the best song about paper cups that I've ever heard!"
"Here inside my paper cup, everything is looking up"
"I must admit it`s in my " paper cup songs " top 5 !!"
"I've heard they really would cut up...tear it up...and cut a rug at those live performances."


  1. Just now tried to sneak a view & listen here at work when one of the bosses walks into my office. I quickly pushed "minimize" instead of "exit" which kept the song playing, then I panicked and pushed all kinds of buttons which caused your blog post to keep popping up and down, minimizing and maximizing on my computer screen, paper cup song playing the whole time. Boss says, "could you come next door for a minute?" "I'd love to," I said, and resignedly but calmly shut everything down.

    Anyhoo, I'd never heard the 5th Dimension Paper Cup song before. The only time I'd heard the phrase was:

    Love the girl/guy who holds the world
    in a paper cup,
    drink it up,
    Love her/him and she'll/he'll bring you luck.

  2. p.s. Have always loved the 5th Dimension's harmonizing, gives me chills. Oh, and I love Marilyn McCoo's WIDE white belt in this video! Must do that too!



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