Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Version of Queen Victoria Gothic Florin Ring

victoria florin ring - Photograph by Tim Irving

I was delighted with the ring made from an 1875 Queen Victoria, gothic florin. The jeweler "Pasquale", had agreed to paid with another florin (1874), which I put in the mail during the middle of December. Last Monday and totally unexpected I received the ring pictured above.

The jeweler had made the ring using the one I sent as payment, this one retains the original coloring to show the gothic text and decoration in greater detail. There are no problems with the original ring but Pasquale is a perfectionist and wanted to make make a variation of the original. It's fabulous, it retains the gothic feel but looks contemporary.

The last ring I owned was a gift for my 21st birthday, I lost it before my 22nd birthday and haven't wore jewelery since. But I do like this ring with its symbolism and the story behind it. I've sent Pasquale a note of thanks and another florin for his troubles.

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  1. Pasquale, so driven to see the Florin live its most beautiful life that he forfeited his payment to make it so! The heart of an artist and a romantic!

    Silver is my favorite metal, and the first ring Pasquale fashioned for you was so beautiful to me. But this ring, ah this ring is unique and mysterious. I could write ledgend and poetry around it.

    But until I get around to that, there is this poem I found on a website called Unfortunately the author was listed as a website which was unrelated to poetry and gave me no clues about the poet.


    Silver watches over me
    From up there in the sky
    Silver was passed down to me
    Before my aunty died
    Silver watches over me
    Wherever I may lie
    She shines up from my finger
    And she shines down from the sky



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