Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Clacton Pier

Clacton Pier Essex, Oil on board. By Tim Irving
Helter Skelter, Clacton Pier, Essex - Oil on Board
After working on Parisian street scenes for the past few weeks I can see the attraction of coastal locations. In fact anything with a bit of colour is very welcome at the moment. I painted this small study to give myself a holiday from French limestone.

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  1. Did somebody say COLOR? You know that that means! Though it's soothed down in your painting for harmony, I know from one of your photographs that the Clacton tower stripes are orange:

    "What is Orange? Orange is a tiger lily, a carrot, a feather from a parrot, a flame, the wildest color you can name. Orange is a happy day, saying good-by in a sunset that shocks the sky. Orange is brave, orange is bold, it's bittersweet and marigold. Orange is zip, orange is dash, the brighest stripe in a Roman sash. Orange is an orange, also a mango, orange is music of the tango. Orange is the fur of the fiery fox, the brightest crayon in the box. And in the fall when leaves are turning, orange is the smell of a bonfire burning."
    -Mary O'Neill

    I like the perspective in this oil sketch. Also the unity of tone you achieved in the hues; in particular the gray/brown/yellow/white in the lower half of the piece. Your studies have such appeal. I suppose it's the immediacy, the freedom to paint quickly and instinctually that lend the magic.



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