Thursday, November 4, 2010

Losing One Hour

3pm. Photograph by Tim Irving
3pm - Tim Irving
Last Saturday (October 30th), the clocks went back one hour in Great Britain, I'm wondering if this happens anywhere else in the world? The benefits are, that it's light one hour earlier in the morning, but of course it's also dark one hour earlier in the evening. It's totally dark here at 5pm.

For me it's a problem, I can't bring myself to rise one hour earlier. I have until 3pm to take photos, then it's dark. Of course it gets worse until the end of December, then it slowly gets lighter again.

After 8 years in Spain the sudden lack of light is a shock to me! I'll have to adapt, and for now I'm thinking of coastal scenes. Monday morning (not too early), I hit the beach.


  1. It happens here in the states too of course, but not until this coming weekend. We used to 'fall back' right around Halloween, but government saw fit to change things around a bit last year.

    It's already getting dark much earlier than I'd like. I'm dreading the time change.

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  3. I love the moodiness and abstraction. . . and title. . . of your photo. I would like to snap a companion to it titled 3am.



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