Thursday, November 18, 2010

A New Camera

4pm, Thursday - Photograph by Tim Irving
4pm, Thursday - Tim Irving
I bought a new camera today with features that I've never needed until now. It's waterproof, or at least damp-proof.  I have a hat, a warm coat, a pair of wellingtons, and now a waterproof camera. No more excuses because of the weather.

I didn't really want another camera, but circumstances forced my hand. I had a bit of a scare last week, I'd been out all day and it was very cold and damp. I was about to take what was my 12th photograph of the day when the camera, a Contax G2, refused to focus. The problem didn't last long, I went to a cafe for a cup of tea and to thaw out, I removed the lens, then re-fitted it, and the camera performed as normal. It hasn't missed a beat since, but then I haven't taken it out on a cold day since.

This is the first time ever, I've had a camera malfunction. I'm not sure if this is luck or the fact that cameras are incredibly reliable. In defence of the Contax, it's over 20 years old and has never had a service.

I justified the purchase because the house restoration is coming to an end, and soon I'll have get back to taking photos on a daily basis. I've forked out for a new (old), camera in the hope that I'll take at least one profitable photograph a week throughout the winter.

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  1. Looking forward to whatever confident strides and shots are taken from within your dry cocoon. Moody or not.

    I marvel that you're nearing the end of house restoration in less than a year. What freedom awaits!

    Today's photo could almost pose as something you took at the natural history museum. A lit jellyfish in a dark sea. (Sigh. I'm sorry I can't let a photo just be. I always see more, am reminded of more, and away my mind goes).



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