Monday, November 8, 2010

The View From My Window at 4pm

My View at 4pm today
For no good reason I took this photo at 4pm today. I should be on a beach photographing sand dunes and grasses, but the weather has turned for the worse, it's very cold and there are warnings of gales. So until I can get out and about, I'll share this view with you.


  1. It almost looks divided in half, as if the autumn hots have progressed only halfway across the summer cools. I love the red berries against the bluegreen leaves.

    I think "for good reason." When I was still living at home, I used to wake up on Saturdays and lie in bed for awhile staring at how the eastern sun lit up a table full of houseplants in colorful pots sitting in front of the window. One morning "for no good reason" I snapped a photo of it. Now I think that although it was not a special or unusual view, it represented times of pause for me. Maybe that's what the 4pm view is for you: A representation of pauses. A few positive moments with your own thoughts as you close a book, stand up for a stretch, or swallow that last bit of tea.

  2. Fall is definitely in the air. What a great view!



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