Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ink Drawing

Ink Drawing. Photograph by Tim Irving
Ink Drawing - Tim Irving
It's difficult to motivate myself during this cold snap. Fortunately, at this moment in time, I'm carefree. The temperature outside is minus 5 and clear, the sun is shining. Yesterday's weather forecast promised me mist. I woke up early to photograph in the mist, pulled back the curtains, and was greeted with.... Nothing! Not even a scotch mist.

The great thing about living on a small island is that we all suffer together, 50 odd million of us. It's hard for me to get anxious about not getting out with the camera when 1000 cars were abandoned last night, becasue of a snow storm. Until the country warms up I'm drawing and photogaphing indoors.

After my morning chores, walking the dog, earning a living etc, I finished drawing a portrait. It's based on a pencil sketch I did in 1993, I've done it again, in ink (that's it above, next to the cold tap). Now it's finished it can go in the loft. If I live long enough, or experience another cold spell, I might one day do it again, in oil, on board.


  1. careful of those reflections in the tap, nice drawing by the way, is it from an old photograph ?

  2. Are those the poor little brogue-battered toes? Looks like they've recovered from their trauma.

    That is a nice ink drawing; feels lonely like an Andrew Wyeth. Will we get to see the pencil sketch as well? Perhaps you should get to work on the oil and show us all three at once.

    Al! Shhhhhh! Some of us were closely studying the tap reflections!



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