Sunday, December 12, 2010

Paris Remembered, eventually

La Mortuacienne Lemonade Photograph by Tim Irving
La Mortuacienne - Tim Irving
Why do I need a book to improve my memory?
Well, I was pulled up sharp last week when I discovered 2 un-developed films from my Paris trip last August. It's very embarrassing and I'm only telling you because I know it wont go any further.

On my return from Paris, rather than send all my films to be processed, and risk losing the lot (I'm not stupid), I only sent the slide films. The negative films I left in a camera bag to be processed when the others were returned. Scroll forward 3 months and I remember the films.

I rely on lists and notes written on scraps of paper to remember things, it's very un-reliable. Until yesterday, I didn't even know my own phone number! Because I wrote it on a scrap of paper last February I never took the trouble to remember it. I've started the memory book and I'm finding the exercises difficult, but it's helped me already, I can now remember my phone number. I'm hoping to aquire a reasonable memory, it should make my life easier.

The forgotten photographs were worth the wait. I've got some nice images here, mostly cafes and shops. I'll show you a few this week.

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  1. Forget Paris! I think there's a film with that title. Well, perhaps it's worked out rather well for you after all. Since the English weather has kept you indoors taking bubble baths and memorizing your own phone number, the discovery of your forgotten cache of Paris photos is quite timely. Lucky you, lucky us.

    Nice photo. Love the labels and warm wood shelf.

    I bet I've got you beat with lists and scraps of paper. They are legion, a living document. I'd be lost without them.



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