Friday, December 31, 2010

My Year and a few Photos

I have to end the year with a big blog post! People have commented that I haven't had a lot to say recently, and it's true. I would have liked to discuss art and photography with you, but laying floors, preparing walls and fitting baths, sinks and toilets have shut me up, plus I have the tedious chore of earning a crust. But I make no apologies for the lack of words, I've always been here for you with regular photographs and at the bottom of this page I've added a few you haven't seen this year.

Despite the work on the house, I've managed to take a photograph almost every day during 2010. The odd days I didn't take a photograph, I did a bit of drawing. I've used 5 different cameras this year. I've worn out a 60 year old Kodak Retina IIa, and had a Canon digital fall apart after 3 months use.

Because of the lack of time to pursue art, my working methods have changed. There hasn't been a lot of planning involved, most of the work has been conceptual (created on the spot). I've enjoyed the freedom and randomness, but I long to return to the routine of research, planning and prearation.

I could never survive if I had to rely on my business skills, and this year, for the reasons above, I gave up trying to promote my photographs. So I've been amazed that the things are still selling. I've had over 250 direct art sales, a few good agency sales, and I'm pleased to say, I've made some good friends in the creative industries who I'll be working with in the future.

I stopped collecting in 2010. And although I still have the desire, I've stopped buying everything except clothes, books and music (I give the books away, once I've read them). I've been accumulating cameras since 1970. As I was packing boxes of cameras, to move to a different country (this time last year), I had an overwhelming desire to dispose of the lot. In March, this year I started selling my camera collection. As of today, I've found 195 happy new owners, who I hope will have great fun using my old cameras. When a camera sells, I climb into the loft and bring another one down. Surveying the collection this morning, I estimate it will take another 5 years to empty the loft.

2010 will go down as a big year, with lots done. 2011 will be a bigger year for me! More art, travel and work. As our year runs out, I have to tell you I've enjoyed sharing this year with you. If not for you I wouldn't have typed a single word. You are my motivation. I wish you the greatest happiness for 2011, and that some of your dreams come true.

Love & Peace - Tim

Bridgette - Photograph by Tim Irving
Bridgette, a patient model - Tim Irving
It must be a zoo - Photograph by Tim Irving
It must be a zoo - Tim Irving
The Full English - Photograph by Tim Irving
The Full English - Tim Irving
Summer Girl - Photograph by Tim Irving
Summer Girl - Tim Irving
My Favourite Book of 2010
The Seaside, catching crabs - Photograph by Tim Irving
The Seaside - Tim Irving
Cambridge - Photograph by Tim Irving
Cambridge - Tim Irving
New Friend - Tim Irving
New Kennel - Photograph by Tim Irving
New Kennel - Tim Irving
Breakfast View - Photograph by Tim Irving
View From My Breakfast Table - Tim Irving


  1. Simultaneously sipping a cup of tea and drinking in your blog post, a most excellent way to begin the last day of 2010. Hoping the first day of 2011 will afford the same beginning, even if it's just the proverbial single picture containing a thousand words. The motivation runs both directions, so thank you for a year of creative inspiration. Wishing you the fullness of life as today ticks into tomorrow and beyond.

  2. I agree with the sentiments expressed in this post and wish you the best for a "slim" but very creative year. The image of the New Kennel is divine!

  3. Great photos, but the ones with the bike (with basket) and dog caught my eye the most.

    I've enjoyed checking in at your blog over the past year, and not only have I seen some wonderful photos, but I've learned a few things.

    I hope to continue the experience in the coming year.

    Here's to you having a wonderful and productive new year, both in photography and house remodeling (I certainly can relate to the latter).

  4. Loved the 2010 blogs Tim and hope they continue, they have inspired me to get of my sometimes lazy ass and get out there taking more pics, i hope this year brings you the recognition you deserve. Peace and light to you and yours.



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