Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Agfa Isoly

Photo by Melissa Mohd Nor
Another customer pops up with some great images. I hope this trend continues, I love seeing photographs taken with my ex cameras. This photograph was taken by Melissa Mohd Nor with an Agafa Isoly, like the one below. I love the photograph above, I wish I'd taken it. Melissa contributes to Cool Girls Shoot Film blog. An excellent blog devoted to analogue photography, I recommend it.

Agfa Isoly. Photograph by Tim Irving
Agfa Isoly


  1. *sigh*

    As I was considering buying a Holga, I came across this camera of yours. I was thinking about it, but I took too long. I'm glad someone bought it who is truly enjoying its use.

    That is neat that customers are sharing the photographs they take.

    And since I'm venturing back into film myself (I'm old enough that that's where I started), I'll definitely check out the web site.

  2. Fun to see! Good b&w by Melissa Mohd Nor. She and the Agfa did a beautiful job of picking up all the contrasts and yummy variations in the plaster.

    (Peeked at the Cool Girls blog. I like the unedited examples of expired film behavior)



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