Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Painting the Seaside

Southwold view. photograph by Tim Irving
Seaside View - Tim Irving
I spent today at the seaside, painting and taking photographs. I have loved every seaside resort I've ever visited. I wonder if I moved to the coast, any coast, if I would be happier, or if the novelty might wear off.


  1. You've posted about something I can actually comment on with some amount of confidence. If you love the sea, the novelty of living near it doesn't wear off. You may take it for granted at times, but cast even a brief glance its way and you'll feel the tug. It's a wondrous thing, even seen daily.

  2. p.s. By the way, that's a very groovy photo.

  3. Agree with Carey. I spent 4 years living on a small island and it never got old, boring, cliche or ho-hum. Rather, every day I would think to myself how lucky I was to have this time to live so close to the sea. Do it!

  4. I agree with Carey! Once you've fallen
    in love with the ocean, there's no falling
    out of it. Originally from Hawaii then
    landlocked for nearly 15 years, I'm now
    near the Atlantic Coast and I love it!
    Now come hurricane season. . . well,
    that's a whole other conversation. :D

  5. Doesn't being by the coast make everyone feel happy Tim, it certainly does me. It doesn't suprise me that you feel happier when by the sea you are after all a water sign, did I not say some time back when you where in spain that cornwall looked promising. stay well Tim.



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