Saturday, May 7, 2011

Balda Baldina and a Happy Customer

Balda Baldina camera. Photograph by Tim Irving
Balda Baldina - Tim Irving
I usually lose track of cameras once I've shipped them. I often wonder if they're being used to take photos or used as a nice piece of interior design, either way I'm happy.

I sent the camera above to Australia a few weeks ago. It's a 1954 Baldina. I like this cameras a lot. It has a coupled rangefinder and a very fine Baldinar collapsible lens. It's beautifully crafted from chrome plated brass and boasts many unique design features. The buyer has very good taste.

I was delighted when Aleks (the buyer), from Australia sent me a few photos taken with the Baldina. I think the one below is stunning. Look at the light on the hair and arm. It benefits from aerial perspective, cool blue receding background with warm foreground colours. Thank you Aleks for sending it to me, I'll sleep soundly knowing the Baldina is in expert hands.
Photo by Aleksandar Trofin

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  1. Aleksandar's photograph has a beautiful quality, and it's interesting to see what one of your customers is doing. I'm sometimes curious about how your images (as a professional) from the vintage cameras would differ from customer images using the same cameras. You once posted about how to make the most of using a toy camera, so I thought there might be particular ways of maximizing the outcome from vintage cameras too.



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