Monday, July 11, 2011

Rollei 35 LED - The Smart Camera

The Rollei 35 series of cameras are very smart! Agent 86 would have approved.

I had great fun using a Rollei 35 LED at the seaside last week. It's fiddly and fun. Lots of things to pull and twist, settings to set and winders to wind. When everything has been adjusted, the green LED lights up in the big viewfinder and you're ready to go.
Rollei 35 LED - Photograph by Tim Irving
Rollei 35 LED
The quality of these cameras is very high. Finely machined alloy components that still feel tight after many years service. There's a satisfying heft as well, it's no featherweight. But it's the design that shines like a beacon. To make the smallest 35mm camera in the world (it still is), a camera the size of a cigarette packette, the designers started from scratch. Everything about these cameras is new, different and innovative. It works like a charm and I love it.

End of the Pier with a Rollei 35 LED - Photogaph by Tim Irving
End of the Pier with a Rollei 35 LED - Tim Irving


  1. aw so cute, and the size is definitely a big advantage. amazing tones in the picture.
    i want one for myself.

  2. I seem to desire any camera you describe, even without seeing a picture. But there is the picture, and that boxy little camera looks so good to me after years of rounded aerodynamic design (not just in cameras, in everything). I'm not anti-curve, it's just nice to see this shape again.

    And there's Maxwell Smart, smoking in the cone of silence!

  3. These camera are priceless not only for the quality photos but for the quality parts. Wonder if there will ever be a resurgence to go back to film?

  4. I have done some of my best work on a Rollei 35s; in fact, if it's the only camera I had, or ever would have, I could create the bulk of a life's work. It never quits, there's no excuse not to have it with you, it's quick and easy when using pre-focus zone settings, and the Sonnar lens has a gorgeous signature. Indeed, it's not made for close distance photography and portraits, hit or miss with the distance focusing, but possible with dreamy bokeh from the 2.8 Sonnar. But for everything else that you would render with a normal lens, really, you just can't beat the image making of a Rollei 35!



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