Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Using Old Film

Red post box. Photograph by Tim Irving
Post Box, 1988 Truprint Film - Tim Irving


  1. wonderful photo, loving the tones. aw, but by now i believe you can take amazing photos with any camera and any film.

  2. The colors softened up beautifully, looks like the 50's. Was it all due to aged film or was a vintage camera in on it as well?

    It's an excellent photograph overall, yummy composition and blur. The bottom right, where the coffee meets the cream, looks like a slanted Rothko.

  3. There is something very romantic about this photograph ... not only the blur and the color, but the subject. A Post Office sign in today's very virtual world evokes a very nostalgic ambiance.
    For me, using old film evokes the same feeling!
    Lovely photo!!



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