Sunday, December 30, 2012

For Pencil Lovers - Better than the iPad?

I can't comment on Blackwing 602 pencils they were never available in the UK (the new ones can be obtained on Ebay), but I understand the sense of loss and longing.


  1. I've never tried a blackwing, but would love to now, just to see what "buttery" pencil lead feels like. I also like the crimped eraser and would have given it a double take had I ever seen it. And like you, though the blackwing is not in my memory bank, the sense of loss and longing resonantes with me.

    If I ever do stumble upon an original blackwing, I'll write one buttery poem before forwarding the pencil to you for sketching.

  2. No New Year's Day post from you, so I'll use this one to wish you warmth, prosperity and adventure in 2013. My last deliberate act on December 31 was to bathe my two dogs who managed to tangle with a skunk. Asleep well before midnight, I dreamed of bicycles, the sea, and Blackwing pencils.



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