Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Smoked Fishes

smoked fish, Aldeburgh - Photograph by Tim Irving
I'm back at the seaside and having a lovely time. The mornings are best, bright clear skies, although bitterly cold. If you're wondering what a Canark is, so am I! The owner of this fish smoking hut wasn't around for me to ask and no one else seemed to know. At times like this I like to think a portable device like an iPad would give me an instant answer but I had to wait until I got home and looked it up on their web site. Nothing there, so I tried Google, still nothing. Does anyone know what a Canark is?


  1. We're outside there now and we don't know either..🐟🤔

  2. I can tell you it's a dogfish. We went back there this morning and asked while we were making a couple of purchases.



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