Monday, September 13, 2010

New York Fashion Week

From the collection of Erkan Coruh
It's New York fashion week and I'm not really inspired by what I've seen so far, but I never am. However, amongst the blandness that is designed for the masses and knocked out in China, you do occasionally come across something tht will definitely not find it's way to the high street, at least not this century. This collection by Erkab Coruh has caught my interest, not least because of the photography, which I love.Is it ahead of its time? Ironic? Or a mistake?
From the collection of Erkan Coruh

1 comment:

  1. Just a personal opinion here, keeping in mind that I rarely deviate from boots and jeans: The Womens collection, though a bit odd when you first see some of it, is overall very nice and makes (ironic) sense when you think of the culture it's referencing. The Mens? Well, some mistakes, lots of irony, a bit right on time, and even more has no time.

    But yeah, the photography is right on.



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