Thursday, September 2, 2010

Le Boudoir - Still techniques in film making

Lily DesLys - Le Boudoir from Treyban on Vimeo.

No, the video isn't a cheap ploy to entertain you while I'm fitting a new toilet and sink. It's a nicely made video, but I'd like to draw your attention to the sequences that are blurred, like the opening shot where the dancers legs are in focus but the background is blurred.There are also a few handheld sequences where blur is introduced.

This is a very difficult effect to achieve using a video camera , so i'm guessing here, but I think this film has been made using Canon 5D Mark 2, which is a still camera with a video function. By using wide aperture prime lenses the film maker has added bokeh in a movie. By professional movie standards, a Canon 5D Mark 2 is cheap, so I expect to see tasteful blurs popping up all over the place, until it's done to death.

I also noticed that the film maker has created a vignette by shading the corners of the frame. This technique is usually used to draw your attention to the action, but seems redundant given the subject of the movie.

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  1. As someone who is toying with the idea of a tiny film or two, I appreciate the warning about over-using special effects. I'm sure they would be all too tempting to a beginner.



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