Monday, September 6, 2010

A Visit to Middle England

Comfort. Photograph by Tim Irving
The life of a photographer is exciting and it doesn't get much better than last weekends assignment, the Church Hall. To be more precise, the monthly book sale within a church hall situated in the Home Counties. I bought no books, but I had a very entertaining morning.......

Physically this church hall is in Suburbia, about 18 miles from London, but it represents every church hall I've ever entered, it is Middle England and slightly to the right. A land of sensible footwear.

I'll leave you to look at the photographs, but I'll tell you that the layout of the books, which are stacked randomly, don't make it easy to browse. One lady told me that looking down and continually turning her head to read the spines, made her feel sick. So be warned.

Book selection. Photograph by Tim Irving

More books. Photograph by Tim Irving

Tea and cakes. Photograph by Tim Irving

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  1. Middle anywhere.

    Good job spying those heating instructions:)



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