Friday, September 24, 2010

Police E-Fit - State of the art photo software

Hampshire Police E-Fit
This isn't one of mine! This is a composite image created by Hampshire Police using special software. It's based on eye witness descriptions of a burglar who they hope to catch. This man tricked his way into an old persons house and stole £60.

I looked at this image for some time trying to work out what was wrong with it. The green hair (a witness described his hair as grey/blond), merely confuses the main error, can you see what's wrong? The answer is at the bottom.

I'm only guessing but it looks to me like Hampshire Police have been sold some state of the art software, (I imagine it's called E-Fit Pro), probably by the same salesman who sold HM Revenue & Customs (income tax),  it's new computer system (Taxman Pro). If you hadn't heard, nearly six million people in the UK have paid the wrong amount of tax and it looks like the government will have to write off £2 billion.

Of course the answer may be that the police are using  a Dadaist artist to operate the software and the E-Fit is an abstract expression of the artists emotion towards crime.

It's not just British police who have been sold the software - the e-fit below is from Australia. That's the real criminal on the right, if you hadn't guessed. The Australians have opted to buy the "Lite" version of the software with 256 shades of grey instead of the full colour version.

I wonder what type of press officer can address a police press conference and release these images without cracking up. "The suspect is medium build with salad colored hair".

The Australian E-Fit
What's wrong with lettuce head above? He has no ears!

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  1. Hey, that first guy looks an awful lot like Phil Collins.



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