Sunday, October 31, 2010

Autumn Colours

Golf course by Tim Irving
The Golf Course - Tim Irving
Autumn drives me mad! It's a glorious time for rich hot colours on cool damp days. But I'm never entirely happy with my autumn photographs, I never have been. Yesterday my dog walk took me on a path that borders a small golf course. On my side of the path it's like walking through a deciduous forest. The light is filtered by the canopy and the floor is covered with ferns and mosses. There's an old hawthorn hedge that keeps the walkers and golfers apart, so from my side of the hedge the view of the course is restricted.

As I walked around the path I could see the odd glimpse of the trees on the course and with each glimpse I was tempted to get the camera out. But the longer I looked the more obvious it becomes that I already have a similar photo from last year that I'm not entirely happy with, in fact I've got hundreds of these photos going back many years, and I don't need any more, they don't make me happy.

Then I came to a gap in the hedge which opened up to the view above. A few inches from me is a branch of a tree, it's very dark and covered in moss (you can't see it). I focused on the tree, then I turned the camera to the view above and took the picture.

I shall keep this picture, it's not bad, but I would killed to have had a golfer in the scene.

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  1. You once said that poppies were over-photographed, but I think autumn is. Fall pics usually end up looking like sympathy cards or insurance company calenders from the early 1970's. However, I must admit that your vintage tools and clever focusing ploy worked. You got yourself a fall photo that's definitely not off the rack. (And you KNOW this is quite a compliment coming from someone who basically flips off autumn).



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