Monday, October 18, 2010

The Joy of a Cheap Lens

Clacton Pier. Photograph by Tim Irving
Clacton Pier - Tim Irving
This photo is from a roll of film I've had in a camera for what seems like years. The camera is a 1946 Ensign Ful-Vue that I loaded at the start of the summer, and finished 2 weeks ago. I like this photo! In a world where fast auto focus and HD is becoming normal, a dodgy lens can make refreshing change.


  1. Now you see there? There you go again. This is why I'll never be through. I start to catch up, and then you casually throw a gem like this out into the ring. Magical. And a good one to have pop up on the screen on a Monday.

  2. I love the dreaminess of this photo.

  3. Wonderful, love it



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