Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Light Leaks

Hasselblad light leak. Photograph by Tim Irving
A Good Light Leak! - Tim Irving
Well, I received my first photographs of 2012 from the lab, and as you can see above, I've been cursed by a light leak. It's not the end of the world, I can take the photographs again, thankfully. Having said that, the dog was a handful and I would have been very happy with the image.

The cause of the problem is a Hasselblad film magazine. Hasselblad recommend that if you're shooting professionally, the light seal in the magazine, which is just a thin strips of foam and strip of rubber, should be changed at least once a year.  I own three magazines and use my Hasselblad to shoot two or three rolls of film each week, which I consider light use, this is the first light seal to fail in nine years, I can't complain. I've ordered new seals for all three backs off Ebay. The Hasselblad should be up and running again in a few days.


  1. Looks to have the makings of a really good photo Tim, nice and contrasty, you didn't say what type of film or if it had any post production but still very good, keep on doin it and stay well.

  2. One of my very, very, very favorites ever from your work or from anywhere. It grips my heart.



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