Monday, January 16, 2012

An Odd Choice of Camera - Canon 110ED 20

Penitente, Spain (Canon 110ED 20) - Tim Irving
Did I ever mention that I have a liking for 110 cameras? Well I do. Let me clarify that by saying only certain 110 cameras appeal, and that is the Canon 110ED 20, of which I have three, or is it four.

110 cameras were never popular with enthusiats becase the film size was too small at 13x17mm, about the size of a finger nail. With a negative so small the camera needs a high degree of precision to produce a reasonable image. Precision way to keep the the film flat, and precision optics to extract fine details. But because110 was intended for the masses, most 110 cameras are cheap and cheerful, far from precision instruments.

Canon 110ED 20 - Photograph by Tim Irving
Canon 110ED 20 - Tim Irving
A few manufacturers produced precision 110 cameras for the enthusiast. Pentax, Minolta, Minox and Canon all made beautiful examples, but Canon stands out as making the finest camera of its type, the 110ED 20.

The 110ED 20 has a 26mm f2.0 lens with a coupled rangefinder. Close-focusing to 2 feet. Electronic shutter with speeds of 8 seconds - 1/1000 plus a mechanical shutter at 1/125. Aperture-priority exposure control. Built-in hot shoe. Tripod and cable release sockets. However, the magic ingredient of the Canon is that it has a precision film guide and pressure plate to keep the film flat. No other 110 camera has this feature and it makes a huge difference to the quality of the image. Of all the 110 cameras, the Canon is the one I'd recommend. Not that I'm doing anyone any favours, these are cameras for eccentrics. But if you enjoy working around photographic problems, and you don't mind a grainy image, and if the sight of a Kodacolor 110 film box is soft porn to you, I suggest you track down a Canon 110ED.

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  1. Nice photo Tim and good review of the Canon 110 ED, I used one of these for years if you can remember and had some wonderful images, some of which are probably still about somewhere, and OH yes the sight of Kodacolor 110 film..... must find that camera. stay well.



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