Thursday, June 7, 2012

Camera strap evolution

improved end of camera strap - Tim Irving
Improved canera strap
I'm pleased to report that my camera strap continues to gather interest around the internet. As a result, the orders are trickling in at a pace I'm happy with. Because the straps are so labour intensive a trickle is preferable to a deluge. As I work on each strap I'm constantly seeking to improve the design and finish, and this week I made a small but significant improvement. I now tie the entire strap with a single piece of cord! It's a simple idea, but very difficult to do when working with over fifty foot of cord.

When the strap is fitted to a camera you have the option of using the leather sleeves, these hide my workmanship but protect the camera. So you might ask, what's the point? The point, or reason for the change is simply to refine the design, plus I like to show off. My original strap had two finishing knots, the new straps have one. The other end still spliced and finished with a celtic knot, to allow for adjustment and to bring the owner luck.
bespoke camera strap with celtic knot - by Tim Irving
The other end

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  1. Nice, a tasteful refinement. I agree that it matters to "bother" with small details which might not be immediately visible. Not only is it a hallmark of true quality, it's one of the joys of having something handmade with care by another human being.



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