Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Strawberry Field - Nikon Zoom-Nikkor 43-86mm

Gates and grafitti at Strawberry Field, Liverpool - Photograph by Tim Irving
Strawberry Field, Liverpool - Tim Irving
This is the Salvation Army children's home in Liverpool, near the house where John Lennon lived. As a child John attended the garden party each summer, and played in the woods you can see through the gates. His aunt said that you could hear the Salvation Army band from their house. The graffiti on the gates and walls began appearing in 1967 after the release of "Strawberry Fields Forever". When you get close you can see the recent graffiti is partially covering older faded graffiti. Messages, lyrics and names are beginning to cover Linda B 2011, making her the background for this years artists. It would make a great time-lapse project. 

The lens used was a Nikkor Zoom 43-86mm (The lens with the built in flare), used off the camera. My particular example has so many idiosyncrasies that Nikon could have marketed it as a specialist lens. Probably Nikons most un-loved lens, but personally I love it, it's a lens of great character. I know of no other lens that produces such a distinctive vintage, 60's look.

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  1. That's SUCH a beautiful photograph with lots to sink our visual teeth into. It's a good subject for many reasons, and I think you made the most of the delights it had to offer. I had a feeling you would produce rich offerings from the evil lens, would make something beloved from the unloved. And while the "built in flare" and "freelensing" can be considered, the overall result definitlely has your signature style. This one's on my list of favorites.



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