Monday, July 16, 2012

Lomography and the London Underground

I spent Wednesday and Thursday last week working in London, although the rain made it difficult to be productive I did get the job done. After work on Wednesday I stayed the night at my brother in law's flat in Kilburn. I slept well but woke up early at 5.30 am on Thursday. My working day wasn't due to start until 10.30, so I had time to kill. I had breakfast, showered and watched the TV but by 6.30 I was getting stir crazy, so I got a train back into central London and looked for photographs.

At 9.30 am I was in Liverpool Street station when I remembered that I'd read that the Lomography Gallery were once again selling 110 film, this is a significant event. The film has been not been available for many years and although I have a dozen cassettes in the freezer, I decided to do the 20 minute journey and head west and buy a roll of film.

Every visit to London is inspirational, whether it's something I see or hear, the place always leaves its mark. So I share with you a short journey from Liverpool Street to Soho.

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  1. Eeeeeeeeeek! I spotted a creepy looking Little Red Riding Hood in a shop window display. Reminded me of that spooky periwinkle penitent photograph you took in Spain!

    Aside from that, pleasant little journey you took us on. Love the sound of a subway (heard your coin clink too). I've only been to London once, for too short a time, and was left wanting much, much more of it. Thanks for the impromptu peeks of a London morning. Hope your work there was fruitful.



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