Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What went wrong with socks?

checkerboard socks photograph by Tim Irving
This is such a trivial topic, but I wont let that stop me getting it off my chest. What has gone wrong with socks?

Last year I noticed that several pairs of new socks didn't feel as comfortable as I would have liked. There are a few things that are wrong, there's no stretch, they seem bigger and they fall down. The problems are small but irritating, and uncomfortable for someone like me who walks four or five miles a day. Last year I put the issues down to a bad batch, so I bought three pairs of new socks from Marks and Spencer, an old company who used to have a reputation for good quality socks.

A short  walk in my new Marks and Spencer socks proved disappointing, they felt as uncomfortable as the others, which led me to spend one Saturday morning shopping exclusively for socks, an exercise I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. The several pairs I purchased included the ones above, lambs wool, knitted in England with the toes and heels finished by hand. The sales person described them as "The Rolls Royce of socks". But after walking the dog they also proved disapointing, more a like Morris Minor when I needed a Audi.

One obvious problem with all new socks is the sizing. My size used to be within a range of 7-9 (UK size), but socks are now sized 5-10, which seems awfully wide to me. So after searching for a year, I still haven't found a pair of socks that I'm 100% happy with. I shall continue the search and I'll buy a few pairs in France next month, maybe the French know a thing or two about socks.

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  1. Socks have gone downhill ever since the advent of the the tube sock (the Yugo of socks).

    I also walk several miles a day and find the best solution is one of the name brand athletic socks such as those worn by tennis players. They hold their shape, stay in place, and have extra cushioning under the ball of your foot. You might give them a try if France disappoints.

    Your Marks & Spencer jobs do have lots of personality though. They'll serve you well the next time you take a spin in a Rolls.



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