Friday, July 20, 2012

Red For London Bus

Red and Cream bus. Photograph by Tim Irving

Red and Cream Westcliffe  bus. Photograph by Tim Irving

London Transport Red Bus. Photograph by Tim Irving
London Bus passenger instructions. Photograph by Tim Irving

Red London Bus. Photograph by Tim Irving

Red Bus. Photograph by Tim Irving

London Transport Red Bus. Photograph by Tim Irving
Do you know the saying about London buses? You wait for hours without seeing one, then eight turn up at once!

I'm organising my photos of cities into colour themes, it's a big job that could take years, I don't know how many photos I have on file. I'm going to start offering collections by colour in my Etsy shop. I'm wondering if sets of colour themed cards for framing and correspondence would be popular.


  1. Color is such a powerful force for me. I have friends and co-workers who seem able to work and function quite well no matter what colors or lighting exist in their enviroment, but it's not that easy for me or for most others I know. Lighting is critical, and sometimes if the light is wrong the situation can be helped or improved if the colors are right. Anyway, as someone whose mood, emotions and even productivity are affected by color (as I believe most people's are whether they realize it or not), I look forward to seeing your collections based on it. A gathering of like colored images or items draws responsiveness from the human heart.

  2. (It's me again, the eternal kid)

    And red, a true red like the one shown in your photographs, is irresistible in mass or repetition. I love it! I have an old children's book about color, "Hailstones and Halibut Bones" by Mary O'Neill, and this is how she answers the question, What is Red?

    Red is a sunset blazy and bright. Red is feeling brave with all your might. Red is a sunburn spot on your nose, sometimes red is a red, red rose. Red squiggles out when you cut your hand. Red is a brick and a rubber band. Red is a hotness you get inside when you're embarrassed and want to hide. Fire-cracker, fire-engine, fire-flicker red, and when you're angry red runs through your head. Red is an Indian, a Valentine heart, the trimming on a circus cart. Red is a lipstick, Red is a shout, Red is a signal that says: "Watch out!" Red is a great big rubber ball. Red is the giant-est color of all. Red is a show-off no doubt about it, but can you imagine living without it?



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