Saturday, August 18, 2012

Earth, Sea and Sky - Circle Prints Home Decor

Paper lanterns over the ocean - Tim Irving

Road to nowhere - Tim Irving

Summer Swallows - Tim Irving
I'm intrigued by circular photographs, I absolutely love the voyeuristic feeling which feels like looking through a telescope or a ships porthole. The circular format is far from new, the first Kodak cameras introduced in 1888, produced round photos, the image below is of George Eastman (Mr Kodak), photographed with his box camera.

Kodak box circular photo George Eastman

Lately I've seen few circular photographs at the National Portrait Gallery in London, so I think the round print could once again become popular. I've added three color themed prints to my Etsy shop to gauge the popularity.


  1. I also love the feeling of peering into an image, of looking from one world through to another.

    It's very interesting that the first historical prints were round, I had no idea! I've seen square prints that have been placed behind round, ready-made mats, but never a truly round photograph.

    Do you have creative ideas for making the most of an honestly round photo through framing, so that it wouldn't seem as if one simply purchased a round mat from a department store? If you do, or if you happen to frame some round prints yourself, I hope you'll share them on your blog. I remember back when you framed some of your photographs in vintage and antique frames, and the result was so lovely.

  2. Ah-ha! I just saw the three round photos in your shop, and they are quite green! May I indulge in another Mary O'Neill color verse?

    "Green is the grass and the leaves of the trees, Green is the smell of a country breeze. Green is lettuce and sometimes the sea. When green is a feeling, you pronounce it N-V. Green is a coolness you get in the shade, of the tall old woods where the moss is made. Green is the flutter that comes in the spring, When the frost melts out of everything. Green is a grasshopper, green is jade, green is hiding in the shade. Green is an olive and a pickle. The sound of green is a water-trickle, Green is the world after the rain, bathed and beautiful again. April is green, peppermint too. Every elf has one green shoe. Under a grape arbor, air is green, with sprinkles of sunlight in between. Green is the meadow, green is the fuzz, that covers up where winter was. Green is ivy and honesuckle vine. Green is yours, green is mine. . .

  3. Love the shots above! Beach scenes always draw me in, and that one has so much color, but, that road beckons. I want to drive it to see where it leads.



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