Tuesday, August 21, 2012

French Formal Garden

While browsing my images from my last visit to Paris I came across a batch of photos I'd taken in a formal garden in Paris. The garden is private but I gained access because it belongs to the owner of my hotel. Incidentally, the hotel has the smallest elevator I've ever seen, about the size of a shower cubicle.

 I last looked at these photos over a year ago and never got around to evaluating them, but now I've decided I like them, so here's a small selection.

French Formal Garden - Tim Irving

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  1. It took about 3 seconds for me to decide that I like them too. Undeniably beautiful solitude. They feel like being a small child in a tall space, peering over and through the barriers and hiding places.

    Other than two medium sized herb gardens in former residences, I've not had the pleasure of creating and living with formal gardens. But I'm a big fan of their order, calm and year round structure. And no matter how small, they have a path or a way in, an inviting entry.

    Elevators, on the other hand, I am not a fan of, but have so far survived them all. In the late 80's and early 90's I frequented an old hotel in downtown San Francisco that was about 4 stories high and very narrow. The elevator was a small wire cage. Because one could see through the wire, the hotel owners had painted images up and down the walls of various items that looked as if they were falling down the elevator shaft, including plates, teacups, and a cat!



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