Thursday, August 9, 2012

Photography and Literature - Charing Cross Road

Despite the Olympics London is very relaxed. I took the opportunity to spend a couple of hours browsing the second hand book shops of Charing Cross Road. I read recently that Kindle books now out-sell real books on Amazon, so I presume real bookshops will disappear, just like real music shops. In case you need reminder of the real thing, I've come up with a series of photographs for book lovers. Perhaps book lovers who lack the space for a real collection. Available in my official Tim Irving Etsy shop.

Antiquarian Poetry Books by Tim Irving

Antique Poetry Books - Milton - Photography by Tim Irving

Book self, Charing Cross Road - Photograph by Tim Irving

1 comment:

  1. Poetry & Adventure! Hours well passed. I wonder if you succumbed to a purchase or, if not, which book was still calling your name after you left.

    The photographs are quiet and rich. The second one down touches me deepest, being particularly rich in one of my favorite color combinations which I'll describe gastronomically: black olive, wine stain, and hot mustard.



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