Monday, August 20, 2012

Greek Food

greek taverna - photograph by Tim Irving

I like this photograph, lens flare included. Lots of layers and reflections for the eyes to explore. Unfortunately the Greek Taverna is gone! I went past the restaurant on Saturday to find it's now a clothes boutique.

I've visited Greece and its islands dozens of times, I'm used to the food and how it's served, by that I mean hot dishes served warm. I prefer my cooked food hot but if I eat in a Greek restaurant I'm not surprised if the food arrives tepid.

But for anyone who hasn't eaten Greek food in Greece warm food can give the impression that it hasn't been thoroughly cooked. Every time I visited the Taverna I played a little game where I'd try to guess which diners would send their food back to be re-heated, it was about 20 percent. Despite its cold food the atmosphere was always warm and friendly. I'm very sorry to see an independent restaurant close.

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  1. I wanted very much to visit Greece after attending an enormous Greek Festival when I was eleven. That was my first taste of Greek food, and I was immediately hooked. It's all tastily complex, but the gyros are my weakness. I've eaten more gyro meat than one woman should be allowed.

    I still hope to travel there one day, for long enough to explore places that might be considered boring. Although I need a city fix now and then, I love dry climes and mediterranean climes, empty landscapes and deserted streets too. It's good to surrender to a place like that. Once I do, and have fought past the panic of giving up my usual entertainment props, I slip into a different way of seeing and thinking for awhile. It's a great rest for the mind and soul. The memories of it become a place of retreat in the future.

    I like the photograph too, an appetizing jumble of shape, color and dimension.



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