Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dayglo Lime Green Camera Strap

Dayglo Lime Green Camera Strap by Tim Irving
This is my latest camera strap, Dayglo Lime Green. It's for photographers who like a stylish accessory and also for those who need a little help with their memory.

The inspiration for the Dayglo strap came from a conversation I had with a friend and fellow photographer. He told me that had lunch in a motorway service restaurant near Toledo, Spain, and didn't remember to pick up his $9000 camera which he'd slung over the back of a chair. Fifteen minutes after leaving the restaurant and on his merry way to Madrid he realised the he'd left the camera behind.

The story has a happy (and lucky), ending because a waiter had picked up the camera when the table was cleared and my friend was re-united with his pride and joy.


  1. I cannot even imagine the fear of leaving a $9000 camera behind. Yikes!

    I like that strap. It's bright and obvious, and looks like it may be longer than the average camera strap. Something that I'm currently looking in to.

  2. My step dad (a cattle rancher) once left his pistol between the mattress and boxspring at Sam's Town in Las Vegas, which he remembered only after having checked out. The maid found it while making the bed and handed it over to the front desk. My step dad was reunited with his pistol and sent on his way with instructions to check it into the hotel safe on his next visit.

    I know this has nothing to do with cameras, but it's the only left behind story I know.



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