Saturday, September 29, 2012

Petit Palais - City of Paris Fine Art Museum - A Few Small Details

Petit Palais circular stairs, Paris. Photograph by Tim Irving

Roof detail - Petit Palais, Paris. Photograph by Tim Irving

Petit Palais, Ceiling detail. Photograph by Tim Irving
A few details from the Petit Palais art museum in Paris. The space is cool, quiet and filled with extraordinary art. There's plenty of shady outdoor space with comfortable reclining chairs, there's a satisfactory restaurant where they serve Diet Coke in bottles designed by Jean Paul Gaultier.

1 comment:

  1. Coolness and quietness and art in such as space as that? I was made for it!


    Over a delicate arch--
    an eyebrow of stone--

    on the unruffled forehead
    of a wall

    in joyful and open windows
    where there are faces instead of geraniums

    where rigorous rectangles
    border a dreaming perspective

    where a stream awakened by an ornament
    flows on a quiet field of surfaces

    movement meets stillness a line meets a shout
    trembling uncertainty simple clarity

    you are there
    art of fantasy and stone

    there you reside beauty
    over an arch
    light as a sigh

    on a wall
    pale from altitude

    and a window
    tearful with a pane of glass

    a fugitive from apparent forms
    I proclaim your motionless dance

    by Zbigniew Herbert



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