Monday, September 10, 2012

Shakespeare and Company Bookshop Paris

 Shakespeare and Company exterior - Photograph by Tim Irving

Shakespeare and Company interior books - Photograph by Tim Irving

Shakespeare and Company interior ladder, steps - Photograph by Tim Irving

Shakespeare and Company Paris wall newspaper 2004 - Photograph by Tim Irving
Just across the bridge from Notre Dame cathedral you enter the Latin Quarter of Paris on the left bank of the Seine, it's of my favorite haunts. On my previous visit to Paris I stayed in the Latin Quarter and explored area for three days. Alas I could only afford one day on this visit.

I'm delighted to report Shakespeare and Company hasn't changed since George Whitman died in 2011, aged 98. The shop is now run by his daughter, Sylvia Beech Whitman, and everything looked exactly the same as on my last visit.

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  1. I am happy that Shakespeare & Co. remained unchanged for you! It looks to be an elegantly scruffy shop, wonderfully and perfectly imperfect. I love the variety of cabinetry, the scratched and mismatched wood, the chipped paint, the stuffed and groaning shelves. I would like to spend a post-lunch afternoon there, in light softened by reflection off worn surfaces, in sound whispering through pressed layers of wood and pulp. Then to emerge from that, lost in introspection and ideas, and refresh myself with a cafe beverage in slanting sun and fresh, early evening air.

    But I am here, not there, so I'll content myself with a home made cup of tea, the morning sun, and the gaggle of wrens I see out the window, flitting through a creeping rosemary in search of tiny spiders.



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